Cinema Style: The Lady from Shangahi

Monday, March 9, 2015

You wouldn't recognize  her with her signature long, red locks shorn and dyed, but Rita Hayworth always packs a punch, no matter her hair; this is true even in The Lady from Shangha i. This Orson Welles tale centers on the sizzling allure of Hayworth. Her clothes are seductive but never trashy. If you too want to be a femme fatale fit for a noir, find out how to get the look down below!
wiggle dress

Bag, dress, bolero

Hayworth is sexy but demure in a white polka dot dress. Make it more modern by limiting the dots to a handbag; patterns to best as cheeky statements sometimes!  The black wiggle dress provides a bit of a come-hither vibe, but it is balanced with the bolero providing shoulder and arm coverage.  When you marry for money, as The Lady from Shanghai obviously did, it means you can spend your days lounging around on your own private yacht. But even if the boat is out of your price range, you can capture her nautical style with an understated, retro one-piece, and wedges. Hayworth may go all out donning a captain's hat set at a jaunty angle, but if you want a bit less kitsch, keep the accessories to subtle gold studs and some rope bracelets. Get a bit boyish and make your cover-up an oversized blazers as homage to Hayworth's captain's jacket.  swimwear

swimming suit, bracelets, wedges, earrings, jacket


  1. I like her jacket with all the pins.


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  2. I have that swimsuit, and I love it. Makes me feel like a movie star :)

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