March 2015 in Review

Monday, March 30, 2015

Busy Plans
Oh my stars and garters! I've been a bit sparse about posting lately. Not even sure there is a good excuse. Still have a busy schedule and busy life with school and work, but... that's been true all year. Here's to April being better about that!

However, I did love what I did manage to post, so for your reading pleasure: A remix of a button-up shirt, a spring themed stationary wishlist, How to Write Letters to Yourself, plus our latest Dog-Eared Page, Why Don't You... List,  and Cinema Style. Also, just in time for the holiday, here's a review of the film Easter Parade!

Busy Finds

Two Instagram accounts here and here you should be following for gorgeous photography

Children's films are more traumatic than ones for adults, studies show

The Soubrette Brunette has the dreamiest photo shoot with an under the sea theme

A worrisome article about how women, already under represented in this field, are leaving the tech industry in droves

Film School Reject has the best series reviewing classic films

Help others learn English with Language Hangouts

Speaking of English, here's 25 maps to help you understand the language's development

So bizarre it might be awesome- Founding Father Alexander Hamilton's life as a musical with rap

Blogger Marlen penned this thoughtful piece on who we dress for. (plus, she came out with a poetry book!)



  1. Sounds like things have been super busy for you- but it's crazy that the school year is almost over! I've been loving Marlen's articles too, some really good points on personal style. I'm off to check out your other links!

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  2. Love love love that article by Marlen.

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  3. It's always a nice feeling to step back from blogging and enjoy life even if none of it was intentional. These are all great links...will check out all the ones I haven't seen yet!

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  4. Woot, I always look forward to these posts- you find the best links! I can see how the kid movies could be more traumatic than adult movies (though that's so odd). I mean, just check out Hunger Games. I remember my mom was *scandelized* when she first saw a commercial for it. And the maps of language were *fascinating*! Who would have though that something like accents have such a ridiculously complex history. I couldnt even follow some of them. And aw, thanks for the shout outs- especially for the book :D

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  5. It's tough to find a balance. I'm a bit of a workaholic, so updating my blog and staying connected with my internet friends hasn't been as easy (or joyful, really) as it used to be. When your hobby starts to feel like work, rather than a fun pastime, something is definitely awry. I'm always working on balance. I hope I can find it soon. I'm sure you'll be able to find a suitable equilibrium!

    - Anna

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  6. Got to love Film School Reject!

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