Remix: Popbasic's "Lost" Shirt

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This shirt comes from one of my favorite clothing lines, Popbasic, and it might be my favorite clothing item from them too (either that or my Sunday Silk Blouse).  I know button-ups are not everyone's cup of tea, but they seem an indispensable part of my wardrobe and this one has a very classic look which can go preppy or modern or woodsy pretty well. Not pictured are any work attire featuring this shirt, which is odd since I wear it all the time. But as you can see it is worn all the time anyway! In fact it is hung up on my mirror, part of an outfit ready to be worn tomorrow, so you might see it on the blog again soon. No promises though. The weather is a funny old thing, you know :/


  1. Cute!!! You managed to mix this classic button down shirt up a bunch!!! I think everyone needs a button down like that in their closet so it can be layered just as you have here. I'm catching up on my blogs... I've been MIA for a few weeks... but I'm back!

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  2. I've gotten into button-ups a lot more lately. They are probably my favorite layering piece. You've managed to remix this one so many different (and lovely) ways. What a versatile piece!

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  3. You are the best at mixing and matching. The great thing is that I can't tell it's the same shirt all the time.


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  4. I LOVE button ups. I've been using them a lot lately for light jackets since it's warming up around here. You've gotten so much use out of this and every look is so unique!

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  5. Rad! I love seeing the myriad ways a single garment can be transformed. Well done!

    - Anna

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  6. I love a good button down, and that shirt looks cute every way you style it :)

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  7. nice post :) your blog is great :)

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  8. Button ups are great for mixing & matching and layering :) clearly you're very creative when it comes to styling it in different ways!

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  9. I feel you on the weather mayhem- I need spring to blow into chicago so i can banish my sweaters already. I have it up to here with knits. And I love seeing all the radically different ways you've styled this one piece. It's nuts how versatile it is. I honestly wouldn't even notice it's the same top in each of these, they all have their own styles and feels.

    xo marlen
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