Cinema Style: Easter Parade

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter may be through, but that doesn't mean you need to put away your Sunday Best! Anne Sheridan and Judy Garland have the style tips that will keep you looking ready for spring in their film Easter Parade. A surprisingly large theme of the film has to do with style- how you can be inspired by others but need to keep your own. These two modern takes on the classic style of the film set out to do just that! 

Anne Sheridan plays a dancer who's outgrown a partnership with fellow dancer Fred Astaire, much to his consternation. While he spends much of the movie trying to outdo her, Sheridan's character enjoys tremendous success in show business. She's not only got talent- she's got style, she's got flair. Nowhere is this truer than the stunning pink ombre gown she dances in on her show's opening night. Of course, full-length gowns aren't in high demand's for most women's closet, but this day dress also has the ombre effect while keeping its hem at a more wearable length. To make it a bit more casual, you can add a jacket, but keep Sheridan's flair for the dramatic alive with touches of jewelry and heels you could totally tap-dance in. 

Judy Garland's Hannah Brown doesn't know quite what she's gotten herself into, when she agrees to become Astaire partner. He sets her on a course of imitation by stuffing her into feather-trimmed gowns. But Neither Garland nor Brown are feather-trimmed gals. That doesn't mean they don't have style of their own. Astaire's character comes to see that eventually, but it should be obvious at first glance, such as when Garland struts down the street in a smart mustard suit dress and grey vest. You can turn men's heads too, by following this up-dated example. Adding jeans, loafers and a white button-up lend a more casual and tomboyish feel to the outfit than you could have gotten away with in 1912, when the story's set or even in the 1940s when it was filmed. However, the mustard and grey color combination is timeless. Going with an unstated gold chain necklace never steered anyone wrong.  And how could any Easter Parade outfit be complete with out an Easter Bonnet- or in this case a great fedora? 


  1. Ooooooo! That ombre' dress! This movie sounds pretty cool... you always reference classic ones. I should start a list based off your recomendations. I just adore the tomboyish looks too! I would totally rock a vest and penny loafers!

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  2. Though not entirely my style, I love the first outfit you've based on Anne Sheridans character. Those earrings are to die for and I love the cuteness of the dress! xo

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  3. Wow! Isn't her dress incredible? Truly what dreams are made of.

    I really like that first polyvore set as well.


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  4. Love your modern interpretation of the movie dress!

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  5. Dang it, I forgot to watch this on Easter! Ever since you mentioned it I was planning to sit on my couch, methodically eating peeps, and drinking in Fred. Ah well, I'll have to move it to this weekend. Also, it's taking my everything to not buy that brown felt hat. Why do you tempt me so?!

    xo marlen
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