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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


PicMonkey Collage What I Wore: Skirt (Pin-Up Girl Clothing), Sweater (Similar Here), Shoes (Minnetonka)

One of the things I do when looking to add things to my wardrobe, or what to keep or throw out, is what silhouettes am I drawn to? What shapes or styles do I most enjoy and feel confident in?  What do I most like as inspiration for myself? Because while I love seeing people in all sorts of things, that's not always what I can see myself being happy in. Clothing really sets your mood for the whole day. You want it to be you- what you can move around in, what you can feel comfortable in, but also what you love,

When looking at what to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe list, I noticed that the two shapes I'm most drawn to were, in some ways, opposites. I loved the more stream-lined look of skinnier pants such as cigarette pants or peg pants. Yet I loved the fullness of midi circle skirts. Beyond the obvious though, they are more alike than you'd think! They both have appeal as pared down versions of themselves, styled simply. Plus, with both you could mix feminine and masculine together (yes, even skirts can have an more androgyne feel, depending on what you put it with). So, I knew I wanted another skirt to round out my wardrobe...

And yeah, every blogger and her dog seem to be getting this skirt, I just don't care. It is too pretty to care. The (admittedly, lovely) print and color makes it a bit harder to find separates to go with it, but It Can Be Done! Here, its paired it with a low-key sweater. It's simplicity helps the skirt step away from its Pin Up Girl roots (no pun intended with the brand...) and shows off that it can look great in a repo vintage style or styled a bit more modernly.

Are there any certain shapes, colors or items you find yourself drawn to again and again?


  1. I just love it on you Kristian!!!! I agree, the shape is amazing and you can tell you feel great in it... not to mention how happy the orange print is. It's perfect for Spring/Summer!

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  2. What a cute skirt! I can see why you were attracted to it. And I like your solution for the top by knotting it. I've done that myself on some high waisted skirts.


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  3. I love how you knotted the sweater... it looks great with this skirt!

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  4. Agh- I love the print on the skirt so much! I love how you built wardrobe of well made basics and then throw in a wild print to keep it fun!

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  5. What a pretty skirt! I love skirts that flare like this. They create a beautiful silhouette.

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  6. I love full skirts and dresses as well, it adds a certain playfulness to every outfit. I love the skirt you have on here, the cheerful print is so cute and kind of retro, love the sweater you mixed in too! And I love the poses you strike every time you post an outfit, I really need to learn from you. When I take photos of my outfits I stand there like a tree, gets kind of boring to look at :D

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  7. Oh my goodness, that skirt! Love love love. Beautiful, vibrant print and pleats!

    - Anna


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  8. ahhh that SKIRT! oh my goodness, i saw it from my feed and clicked right over. I love the way you dressed it with the sweater, and is so incredibly summery. I like that you think of the shapes you most like when you shop. I admittedly would ignore that sometimes and I end up with dresses I never ever wear because I'm uncomfortable how I look in it. It's a good tip :)

    xo marlen
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  9. I adore this entire outfit! The skirt is fabulous and how can I not love that you've paired it with a mustard top?! LOVE.

    Oh, the things I am most consistently drawn to - obnoxious bright printed dresses. I love them so much! Geometric retro prints in eye-wrenching combos? That has me written all over!


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  10. Oh my heavens, that skirt! The color and pattern just jumps off the screen- gorgeous! Alex


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  11. I find myself drawn to just really basic shapes and pieces. Loving the colors in this outfit, too, the skirt is so pretty!

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  12. This is such a great way to deal with an overcrowded closet/assessing your style. I'm always surprised when I look at what I'm drawn to and what I no longer am. Everyone on the internet might have this skirt, but this is the first time I am seeing it! It's so perfect on you and the orange color really works well with your skin/hair colors!

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    1. Thank you Jessica! I was feeling a bit sheepish that so many bloggers did have it, but you love what you love- it is nice to know I can put my own twist on it too :D

  13. This skirt is SO YOU!! The colour, the print, and the style is very you. It's because of you that I wanted to try midi skirts out. I always loved how you kept a very fit & flare look like them, pairing it with anything from button down shirts to basic jersey knit tops, like the one you have in this post.


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