Cinema Style: The Philadelphia Story

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Philadelphia Story was written for Katherine Hepburn so you could say that, in many ways, the main character Tracy Lord was Katherine Hepburn. This comes through in the haughty, intellectual and doesn't-mind-breaking-the-rules attitude and certainly also comes through in the clothes.

Any vintage lover is sure to know that Katherine Hepburn and pants are synonymous. True, others- other stars even- wore them first, but Katherine Hepburn worn them on screen and nowhere does she do it to more or better effect than in her comeback film The Philadelphia Story. Luckily, the simplicity is the charm of the outfit and it is easy to recreate and will look just was fresh and timely as it did on the silver screen 80 some years ago! A pair of wide legged, carmel pants paired with a high necked shirt will make you seem svelte. Add some heels for more height, more leg and more impact. 
Tracy Lord is compared to a goddess-like, a lot- in this film and as it turns out, that's not always the compliment you might think it is. The costume designers chose to underscore this theme by dressing Hepburn in white and in art deco and grecian inspired looks. However, it is an easy look to capture- and to capture whilst making sure that anyone calling you a goddess only means it in the very, very best way possible. This high necked dress gives just a hint of skin. Rather than go for full on art-deco does Greece, as Hepburn does, you can have the jewelry do all the work. Because the dress and pieces are simple, you can pile on rather more than you might normally. The shoes will keep you classy while also insuring no one thinks of you as an untouchable or virginal goddess (No promises that they won't nickname you Aphrodite though!) 


  1. I am in desperate need of a pair of pants to love! I always find my dresses and skirts but if only I could find pants like this for those windy days, I'd be thrilled!

    Loved your writing!

    Love, Amy

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  2. I LOVE that first outfit you put together. Now if only my legs would grow an extra 3".


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  3. Those pants!!! I love the color and the cut, I don't think I could pull them off but I do love them. I don't think I've seen this movie yet but do know about it so I suppose I should give it a try. You always pick good movies!

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  4. Love the looks you put together! Katherine Hepburn is fabulous in this movie, but I have to admit I like High Society more.

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