Remix: Floral Skirt

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

With a White Shirt | With a Gold Necklace | With a Yellow Sash
With a Denim Shirt |With a  Black Striped Shirt | With a Red Striped Shirt

Things have been hectic here as the school year starts to wrap up. Add that to the fact the weather has been cruel and is springlike when  have to work and winter the minute I get out...well, here is a remix for you!

This is one of my oldest skirts; many of these outfits come from my first year of blogging. A good floral print is always in style though, right?


  1. The two middle photos and the bottom right are my favorites. I love all of these (obviously!), but those really stand out. Your hair style in that first middle photo is just too adorable for words. I'd wear it. Also, I love that you experimented with clashing bold prints. The skirt is a show stopper on its own, so it takes guts to add even more to that. So, I'm stoked that you worked with two different colored stripes. Both look great!

    - Anna

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  2. This is one of my favorite skirts of yours (although I still have a huge crush on the b&w striped one, haha) and I love all the ways you remix it! Being cooped up during nice weather is the worst! Hopefully you get lots of time off this summer to enjoy it!

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  3. Funny...these images didn't want to load for me. I can see the first one.

    I do love that bold colourful skirt. It looks perfect for dancing.


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  4. LOVE this! I'm usually not drawn to super colourful skirts myself, but I love how you played off the colours to either do solid pairings or patterned pairings. Can't wait to see how else you decide to remix this in the future!


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  5. You can never go wrong with a good floral skirt :)

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  6. Such good remixes. Never would've thought that skirt was so versatile!

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  7. I'm surprised how many possibilites you have with this skirt! ^^ I prefer the combo's with the striped shirt!

    x Aurélie

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  8. Yes to this skirt! I love it and you wear it so well and so many different ways!

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  9. I love this skirt everytime you wear it! I think the bottom center is my favorite. I have to say, I always enjoy a "hair timeline" as well!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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