Stationery Wishlist: Summer Reading List

Friday, May 8, 2015

1. Wind in the Willow Stickers | 2. Personal Library Kit | 3. Anne of Green Gables Cards | 4. Book Plates | 5. Babar Lined Envelopes | 6. Emma Journal

1. Wind in the Willow Stickers- Many a happy afternoon has been spent having tea with Mole and Ratty, or tearing down the road with Mr. Toad in his new automobile! These charming stickers have versatile uses, some designed for decorating envelopes, others are labels and still others create filing tabs when folded in half! 

 2. Personal Library Kit - This little kit brings back memories, doesn't it? What are kids today going to get nostalgic about now that they don't have those library check out cards? Use them here as book plates, or book marks, or- if you're the friend whose good taste in reading means your books are always loaned out- to keep track of who has what "checked out" of your library. 

3. Anne of Green Gables Cards- I promised a friend I would finally try to read Anne of Green Gables- somehow missed it as a young girl! Luckily, these enchanting notecards make me want to be enveloped in the world of Green Gables (pun fully intended!)

4. Book Plates- There's always a special thrill in adding a new book to your personal library. Make it official with bookplates, so that even when you lend out your new favorite, it comes back to your shelf, rather than living forever on a friend's who can't remember who she borrowed it from! 

5. Babar Lined Envelopes-Who doesn't find the Elephant King enchanting with his green suit and gentle manner? Add some whimsy to your correspondence's day with this lined envelope!

6. Emma Journal- Miss Woodhouse was always making lists of books to read (according to a certain Mr. Knightley, anyway!) and now so can you- in this lovely notebook from Kate Spade. 


  1. You always find the cutest stationery! The Anne of Green Gables cards are adorable :)

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  2. These are so sweet. I simply adore Anne of Green Gables. My sister and I used to watch the series religously. I used to sneek in my sister's bedroom and read her Diary (sorry Taryn) and she would always start each entry... Dear bosom Buddy. Ha ha! Also, the Emma journal is cool too! I love me some Jane Austin.

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  3. Those Anne of Green Gables cards are fantastic; also kind of obsessed with the Babar envelopes. So many memories! Haha.

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  4. Damn it woman, I didn't need to see these! Now I want everything! Especially the library kit :(

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  5. That personal library kit is darn cute!


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