In July, Why Don't You...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Listen to an audiobook

Repaint the frame of an old mirror for new life

Camp in a national park

Practice Yoga 

Try a new braid to get the hair off your neck

Finish a crossword puzzle

Jam out a music festival 

Cut soda pop out of your life!

Renew your library card

Press some flowers


  1. Always such good suggestions!

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  2. Such an inspiring list! Audio books have been on my mind lately as I'm not a big reader :(

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  3. I love these kind of posts from you, they are one of my favorites! ^_^ Currently trying a new braid, but it isn't going so well, I have two left hands!

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  4. New braid! Pressing flowers! I love these little simple lists.

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  5. I've been listening to Harry Potter! Love the audiobooks :)

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  6. I love these lists, they're definitely inspire me to change up or try new little things. I definitely want to do some camping this month!

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  7. I always enjoy these posts of yours. They are such nice ideas for adding a bit of goodness to ones life that otherwise might not have been thought of. Sorry I've been a bit absent as of late-but I always enjoy reading your posts! :D

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  8. I regularly listen to audiobooks, do yoga and go camping! Yay!

    I should really try some of the others though. :D My hair might be getting long enough for a braid to be worth trying again!

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  9. Do you have any audio book recomendations? I just finished "Wild" and loved it....

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    1. It really depends on what you like to listen to/read. I mostly listen to nonfiction (but mostly read fiction...), and what I chose to listen to was often dictated by what was available at the public library. That said, I loved The Lost Painting by Johnathan Harring (his other book is good too). I like a lot of history, so loved The History of the World in 6 Glasses, and I loved anything by Joseph Ellis who primarily writes about American Revolution and the 1790s time period. Freakonomics was also good as was Tipping Point. I think Lean In is probably also a good book to listen to or read.


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