Stationery Wishlist: Surfin' USA

Friday, June 12, 2015


1. Washington D.C. Print | 2. Food Maps | 3. USA Stamp | 4. Brooklyn Map Card | 5. Letterpress Cards | 6. Yellowstone Postcard | 7. Golden Gate Bridge Letter Holder

Summer is the perfect time for a Road Trip from sea to shining sea. But if you can't make it to the actual sites (or even if you can!), you can bring a little of America's greatest treasures to your own little desk. 

1. Washington D.C. Print - Our nation's capital is a capital idea for your wall! 

2. Food Maps- These are ingenious- you use them to record where you ate at and how you like the local joints. You could be journelling, using them as art or passing them on to the next visitor to that particular 'burg! 

3. USA Stamp How fun is this? You can mark wherever you are and send it to the folks back home. 

4. Brooklyn Map Card - Brooklyn and Big Apple. Can't wait to see it for myself!  

5. Letterpress Cards - These gorgeous letterpress cards have famous sites from all over our great country and you can use them as postcards, thank yous or memorandums. 

6. Yellowstone Postcard - Let's not forget my home state! Wyoming is home to the first national forest, the first national monument, and, of course, the first national park. You can use this postcard to share just how faithful Old Faithful really still is. That's nature for you. 

7. Golden Gate Bridge Letter Holder If you're going to San Francisco, you can put some flowers in your hair- but even if you're not, you can keep letters from your road tripping friends in this likeness of the Golden Gate Bridge. 


  1. The letter holder is the cutest! I love it. I also really like the food maps. This post reminds me that I have a vintage road map from SF that I found in the thrift shop one day. I'm now thinking I should frame it for my office :) xo

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  2. I should stop checking these posts from you, because afterwards I keep craving everything you shared in here and my wallet is already screaming from pain and thinness!

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  3. I've been collecting "vintage looking" CA postcards that I really want to make into a wall collage. Love this!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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