What I Packed: For New York City

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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I'm sure I'm not alone in finding packing for travel difficult. After all, what's the weather really gonna be (they are predicting way more rain than I'm used to, and humidity? How does one even handle that?) Or,  how about,  do I know I won't really need this pair of shoes? Admit it. You've been there too.
New York Packing II

To help, I've been trying to pre-plan outfits, like you see above. Do things always go according? No, but, for me, this sort of visualization helps. I can see what activities I might be doing, and see what I'm already taking so things can be paired together in more than one way.  I know a lot of savvy outfit planners have color schemes, which mine doesn't quite do, but all the pieces are- or could be- used more than once in different combinations.  I have a few more tops than bottoms, but that is the one sweater I'm taking for bad weather.

What about you? Do you have any packing tips that might come in handy for a holiday-bound lady?


  1. You've done a brilliant job here. I do this as well...planning with regards to your daily activity is the smartest way to plan.


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  2. Oh man, packing is so hard! I live somewhere where the weather is pretty consistent so it's always a struggle for me going anywhere that has a lot of temperature changes :) I've started pre planning my outfits too, and I try on everything before packing. It takes me FOREVER but at least I can usually always fit it in a carry on now- versus when I just threw a bunch of stuff in. Dying over that orange print skirt!

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  3. Travel outfit posts are one of my favorites because I'm still trying to master the art of packing only what I will actually end up wearing and still looking well put together. I love how picked some basics, but then those two skirts are like a wow factor to really dress it up. I always try to make sure I pack a cardigan... just in case it gets cold and packing cubes have really helped me in the past. Great picks and I hope you have a fabulous trip! :)

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  4. I love this post. Every time I go away I keep meaning to do one - especially when I was in Australia earlier this month, I only took a carry on! But then, inevitably I forget or am just too lazy or have left things too last minute. *sigh*

    I always try to pick a certain palette - lately it's been black with a little bit of colour. And I always try to pack versatile pieces (scarves, items that can be layered, etc) and things that don't wrinkle or require ironing, etc. Often I base it around whatever shoes I plan on bringing. :D


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  5. Packing has always been such a pain in the ass for me. I can never think of whole outfits, just stuff I would want to wear and then I forget a lot of stuff, turns out I have no decent shoes or forget to pack socks. wtf!
    I love your travel wardrobe, I'll die to get my hands on that peach skirt!

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  6. Oh packing is rough. Especially when you're traveling to a completely different climate and it's not supposed to be hot there but it just seems stupid to pack jackets and tights when it's humid as hell where you are currently. I like how you sort of stuck to black and whites and a few jewel tones so you can still have variety.

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  7. Brainstorming activities is the right way to go! I find packing posts fascinating, because I always struggle/stress about packing for a trip. I just did one of my own on my blog! I love the capsule you created for the trip, and honestly, I think it was perfect!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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