What I Wore: With Mountains Calling

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rock-03 PicMonkey Collage Rock-09

What I Wore: Shirt (Popbasic); Jeans (Lucky), Sweater (ASOS), Shoes (Converse), Necklace (Popbasic)

John Muir once said, "The mountains are calling and I must go." I'm not the most outdoorsy girl you'll meet- at least not in Rockies, anyway! I don't go to the backcountry for weeks on end, or even hike all that much, but the pull of the mountains are undeniable. They are in turn beautiful and sublime.

And, they were definitely calling us on our first summer weekend, so we packed the dogs into the car and took off for the drive through the Beartooth Mountains, making our way through Sunlight Basin and Chief Joseph's Highway, up to the Top of the World and then winding back down to end in Red Lodge. It's really an all-day event, and a nostalgic one. The Boy proposed this very drive as our second ever date! Said it was long (it ended up being about a six hour trip) but by the end we'd know whether we could talk to one another or not. Guess that work'd out in our favor, huh?

The funny thing about mountains are you can see almost every ecosystem all in one place. So we rose from the green and warm valleys bursting with wild flowers and ascended up to the snow-covered tundra. This means you gotta come prepared so- layers, which is why I'm wearing a sweater in June. Also, if you're scrambling up over mud and rocks you better come prepared for that too- hence the converse tennies (though even these aren't great for that). Altogether it is a bit more preppy and sporty look than  I usually do but comfort and cuteness came all in one!

What sort of nature calls to you? And how do you dress for it when it does?


  1. I do miss the Rockies. We often spent days hiking the mountain trails. The mountains have a certain majestic energy you can only find there.

    Here we have lakes and the Niagara escarpment, but it isn't the same at the Pacific ocean and Rocky mountains of BC.

    Normally when I was dressed for days like this I looked like a bum. All sporty clothing. Here you look very put together.


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  2. You look very pretty, I love the casual look.

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  3. Such a great casual look! Alex


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  4. I prefer the sea and waterfalls or lakes, anything related to water really :D
    Mountains are definitely not my cup of tea, especially when I have to pee because I drank too much beer :D
    Dude, I love the poses you strike, always so model-like! The outfit is easy going and cute, my favorite combo! ^_^

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  5. This look is so cute, and exploring the mountains sounds like fun :)

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  6. I like that peek of stripes and the necklace is adorable! <3 I don't think nature has ever called to me. It's usually the other way around. Hehe. She has to answer whether she wants to or not. ;) Usually, it's because I just need to get away from the noise and get some actual peace and quiet. What I wear usually depends on how secluded the area happens to be. :P

    - Anna


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  7. This is a very cute, cozy, casual outfit! I would say that I'm very outdoorsy - hiking in the backcountry as much as possible, but my style doesn't really reflect that aspect of my life at all. :P I think I need more checked shirts.


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    1. You can never have too many checked shirts.

  8. Stephen says, "I don't know why people assume I don't like the outdoors. I like the outdoors! I just want to stay clean too."

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    1. I like nature and cleanliness too. Lol.


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