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Monday, July 13, 2015

I remember when I walked into the kitchen and caught you, barefoot, drying the dishes, and dancing to something that sounded more like static than song on the radio. And you dress whispered around your ankles, your hair fell messy and free over your eyes. You sang off key and happily with the man on the other side of the frequency. And then you turned around and caught me in the doorframe, watching you. 

That breathless way you laughed, like all that delight just tripped over itself in its rush to get out. That rosy color your cheeks took.

God, its been years and that sound still lives in my head.

- "Why We Live in Kitchens" from Ugly People Beautiful Hearts by Marlen Komar


  1. Wow! I want to read this.


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    1. Marlen Komar is the blogger of Messages on a Napkin, so you'd be supporting the blogging community too. I've linked to her Amazon page, so you can download a kindle version/e-book version.

  2. So beautiful! Marlene is so talented. Her blog is very inspiring as well...

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  3. I think I need to purchase this book, not only to support my fellow writer's out there but as a great Summer read. I haven't read poetry in forever and this makes me feel so happy inside!

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