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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stripes and Green Skirt Stripes and Green Skirt
Stripes and Green Skirt

What I Wore: Skirt (Chicwish), Shirt (Popbasic; Similar Here), Shoes (Old Navy), Bracelet (Popbasic)

I wore this outfit for a very special occasion- in fact, it was the whole reason I brought the skirt! I was going to see "The Woman in Gold," or, more accurately, "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I." It is a stunning piece of art by Gustav Klimt that has sometimes been referred to as the Viennese Mona Lisa or the Mona Lisa of Austria, and has been the subject of several books, documentaries and even a recent Hollywood film about its confiscation from its original Jewish owners in WWII, its return after drawn out court cases, and its subsequent, controversial sale to the Neue Galarie. But we didn't venture here because of any film! 

I'd never argue that the  Neue Galerie is a quintessential, must-see stop for anyone in New York. It was on the top of my own personal list because I've really loved the work produced by the Viennese Sessionist ever since visiting Vienna several years ago, and this was a chance to see one of Klimt's greatest masterpieces. In fact, in many ways, the morning we spent there was like leaving New York, leaving the States and transplanting oneself into Austria. The day was cloudy, and the attached cafe on the ground floor of the museum, while exactly like any of the hundreds that dot Vienna's cafe culture, was hardly crowded when we went for brunch before the gallery opened. We took our time over coffee, tea and an apple strudel (dessert for breakfast?! I was on holiday, though! The Boy had two eggs in a glass), with our fellow diners' conversations of art movements occasionally drifting over to our table. A large amount of the conversation for the day was in German, actually, so the gallery must be a popular destination for a certain group. It is not a big place, but was certainly busy! On the second floor, was the star painting, along with an exhibit entitled "Vienna 1900," which featured other Sessionists' artwork and design, including a lot of furniture and silverware etc. that was produced by Sessionists and an interesting section examining the clothing popular among many of the portrait sitters called "reform dresses." If you are at all interested in fashion or fashion history, you should look up these gowns! The last floor contained a rather less inspired exhibit on the connections between German expressionism and it's Russian counter-part. Truthfully, the Galerie is a bit like visiting a museum for one painting, but she is breath-taking, even more so in person, so I felt it worth it. 

We wandered a bit through the upper section of Central Park, though was rainy, and my green skirt seemed to fit in there just as well as against all of Klimt's golden tones. We made our way a few blocks to the Guggenheim Museum. Truthfully, the building's unique design, courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright, was the real draw, just as much as as any artwork inside, but it is worth seeing. 

It may seem by now that all we did was visit art museums in New York City; there are a lot of them (we didn't even scratch the surface, really!), but we alternated "indoor days" with "outdoor days" as much as possible and... I am my father's daughter I suppose. Growing up we went to museums, especially art museums, when on trips, as my father, a photography teacher, thought that was important to be exposed to. On a recent trip with college, we went to an art museum and she had remarked that, while she enjoyed the visit, it wasn't something she'd usually have thought to go to. On the other hand, her family spent most trips visiting at least one historic site (if not many!) because her husband was a military history buff. What type of things are just "givens" things you naturally are drawn to seeing on trips? Sports events? Historic sites? Shops? I'd love to know! 


  1. I love the top with the skirt. You hair is perfect, too!

    - Anna


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  2. Oh geez, I would love that exhibit! Fashions and gowns, oh my! I really need to travel and see more art especially considering I want it to be my future career (I'm a bit sheltered so making trips isn't easy to convince the parents). That's one of my favorite paints of Klimt and I love how he actually used gold leaf in it and how it's full of patterns.

    Anywho, you look so darling in that green skirt of yours! What a beautiful piece!

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  3. apple strudel is one of my fave's in the winter. With a good scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream it can also be nice in the summer :) We missed this particular gallery while we was in NY a couple of years ago. Maybe another time then. I do really love your outfit. That skirt is magnificent and I love how you kept the rest of the outfit basic to really let the skirt take center stage. xo

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  4. That skirt is just so pretty! And, now I need to learn more about reform dresses :)

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  5. Really nice! The skirt is wonderful!

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  6. That skirt - oh my gosh!! Alex


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  7. The architecture is my favorite part of the Guggenheim too :)
    We visited it in 2007 with an engineering student who said "I'm not interest in art," but after we explained thee modern pieces to him, he thought they were awesome!

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    1. I remembered you talking about seeing the Guggenhiem on one of your trips to NYC, which is where we got the idea to visit it from :)


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