August 2015 in Review

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of Summer Outfits
August Collage

End of Summer Plans
So, I had plans for August, but school started for us about two weeks into August, and things have been Cra-zay around these parts. Which is why I've posted a total two outfits all month long Don't worry; I'm still getting dressed. No signing up for nudist colonies (because pretty clothes are too much fun!). Despite the whirlwind, I am excited for all the learning adventures we'll be having in my classroom.

I turned 30 this month and so had Grown Up Thoughts on that. But proved I'm still young at heart by celebrating The Wizard of Oz's movie release's anniversary all month long. I shared  my thoughts on the film; found awesome Oz-themed stationery; got inspired by Dorothy's style; and even shared a favorite excerpt from another favorite Oz book. In case you couldn't tell, I'm kinda a huge nerd about Oz. If you're a nerd too (or know one), then these subscription boxes might be up your (or their!) alley. If clothes are more your thing, see what the subscription box Golden Tote is all about.

End of Summer Find

No one likes to think of their demise, but your Zodiac sign may actually tell you how you might die. 

Since I'm thinking about what it means to grow older, here's a video on Aging Gracefully 

Speaking of aging, dogs in their youth and old age (so cute!)

Also, because you can't be serious all the time-  Mer-pets. You're welcome.

A Kiss, Deferred Tender and bittersweet.

An all-female village in rural Africa - Wow!

Also related to feminism: Do you pay the Make-Up Tax?

I like Eastern European Modern art, so here's a fascinating article on recovery of its lost art.

Terri Gross asked "How close are we really to a robot run society?" (P.S. Stitcher is my new favorite app!)

And, I recced this yesterday, but it is really worth reading, a blog post on The Next Big Challenge heartfelt and thought provoking.


  1. Love the Mer-pets! The comments on that post made me laugh :)

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  2. You always know how to rock a pair of shorts. Always, mer-pets are amazing.


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  3. Thanks for sharing some of those links - really interesting articles (the one on Eastern European art is really interesting). Also, as you move to the end of Summer, we're just welcoming Spring (though the weather isn't speaking much for it). x

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