In September, Why Don't You...

Friday, September 4, 2015

Photo via Martha Stewart 

Use vintage dishes to store your jewelry

Hit the gym

Get up early every day this month

Buy a new rug for your home

Try your hand a coding (Scratch makes it very easy!)

Plant daffodil bulbs for next spring

Spruce things up with new throw pillows

Brunch with friends

Send someone a coded message

Volunteer at a school or library; they can always use a helping hand!


  1. Great suggestion. I've been thinking about both rugs and throw pillows!

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  2. Getting up early has been on my list for some time now.. yet I'm still snoozing every morning! Thanks for the reminder though... and love the coded message idea!

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  3. Vintage dishes are such a cute way to store jewelry!

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  4. I always liked vintage dishes for storing jewelry but I just don't have a whole extra drawer or top of dresser space for it! I do love me some vintage tea cups, though. They're what I'm always looking for in thrift stores!!

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    1. Do you have a collection of tea cups then? Cute!

  5. This post always charms the socks off of me. Why have I never thought to use vintage dishes to organize my jewelry? Or to plant daffodils? And I accept your call to buy a new rug (it instantly changes a room!) but shall ignore your gym suggestion ;) haha!

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    1. The Boy is making us wait on rugs (mostly because I'd like to upgrade to a really nice one and that is not cheap. Saving those pennies!) but I'd love to see what kind of rug you like... I'd love to see your take on decor in general, actually!


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