Letter Writing Retrospection

Friday, September 18, 2015

Over the past few years, Letter Writing has been a monthly series here on Never Fully Dressed (Without A Style). We've covered letters of professional and personal etiquette, letters to different audiences both personal and public, and letters with fun and playful intent. However, this topic has been well and full explored. Gathered below are all posts on the subject to be used as a resource for all your letter writing questions and needs.

Etiquette Letter for Personal Correspondence

Thank You Letters
Personal Correspondence
Sympathy Letters
Love Letters
Letters of Appreciation 
Congratulatory  Letters
Get Well Cards

Letters for Fun

Pen Pal Letters
Writing to Advice Columns
Correspondence Chess
Circle Letters
The Letter Writing Game
Letters to Your  Future Self
"Open When" Letters

Letters to Specific Audiences 

Holiday Letters
Letters to Santa
Letters to Sick Children
Letters to Prisoners
Fan Mail

Letters for the Public

Letters to the Editor
Open Letters
Letters to  Politicians

Letters for Professional Correspondence

Letters of Recommendation
Cover Letters
Letters of Complaint
Letters of Apology
Good Bye Letters

Puzzling Letters

Puzzle Letter
Coded Letter
Mirror Letter
Message in a Bottle
Pictionary Note
Spiral Letter
Birthday Surprise Envelopes

Care Packages

15 lists of 15 things to put in a care package- That's 225 ideas for a care package! 

Still want more post in your mailbox? Try looking at my Pinterest board You've Got Mail for more fun ideas! 


  1. Ah, I love this! Bookmarking this for sure. I was actually just writing two letters this morning to some friends--I really love to keep in touch with people through physical objects by including drawings and personality opposed to an e-mail. It seems so much more heartfelt and then you can pin it up on a cork board and feel all mushy gushy when you get a reply. :)

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    1. Being able to keep the physical copy of people's thoughts is such a big reason of why I love letters too. It was so interesting reading old family member's letters for that reason.

  2. Love that you've been doing this! Snail mail has been my fav creative endeavor for as long as I can remember. :)

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    1. So fun to find out about another lover of letters!

  3. As a snail mail lover, I'm always excited to read your mail posts :)

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  4. Oh man, was that the end of the series? Forever one of the most unique and wonderful series on your blog!

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    1. Oh, thank you Jessica. Yeah, just couldn't think of any more types of letters (well, besides a birthday card but... it is a birthday card. There is not How-to). So glad you enjoyed this :D

  5. I love this focus back on handwritten letters!


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  6. Saving this link as a reference for later! Letter writing is a lost art that I still love!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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    1. I'm glad you think this can be a help, Priya. I love letter writing too!


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