Month in Review: September 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Autumnal Outfits

Autumnal Plans
I shared these ideas about what to do this month, but September is always so busy as the school year begins! Here's some of what did happen though:  this stationery wish list, with its back to school theme, inspired me to revamp my own desk. Another big mail-centric post was published in September too- I showcased a retrospective of all the posts in NFD's letter-writing, as a way to wind down the series. Bookmark it for later use! I'm miss sharing about writing letters, but think we've really covered just about any letter writing scenario for you!

I shared a dog eared page out of   The Blue Castle ,  with its focus on silence and companionable friendship. It seems appropriate for the coming autumn, doesn't it?  The film Me and My Gal, is a more peppy story with songs, but still seems fitting as an autumn offering. Plus, you can get some stylish advice from the film Funny Face .

Autumnal Finds
Have you been keeping up on this? An archeological find whose interest can only be matched by the unique story of its discovery!
Would check out a "story" from the Human Library?
Hipster Barbie is better at Instagram than you
Examine how Screen Time could be changing our society in this fascinating two part  NPR Podcast.
Travel to Turkmenistan
Do you agree that these are 35 things every woman in her 30s should have?
A unique look into the world of the Pope
I want to live here! 
What My Uterus can Teach You About Being a Tech Leader
Speaking of science- this amazing teen's medical innovation will help other detect Ebola!


  1. Happy first day of October, my dear! It sounds like your September was full of wonderful things and I know the next month will be just the same. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. :)

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  2. The 35 things every woman in her 30s should have list is so interesting! I could use a growing retirement account... :)

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