Remix: Red Stripes

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

popbasic, red, stripe, shirt

Back when this shirt was offered from Popbasic, I'd been in a state of anticipation for it. Funny though it may seem- it seemed hard to find good striped shirts at the time (oh, times they are a changing, right?)  There's just something very put together and yet a touch tomboyish about a stripe shirt, and the red just interjects an added  sense of playfulness to that. And though it was long waited for, this shirt did not fail to meet expectations; turns out, you can wear striped shirts with just about anything. See articles A-D for evidence! 

'Nuff Said! 


  1. One of the most versatile patterns out there and you're rocking it! <3 I love stripes!

    - Anna

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  2. You are owning those red and white stripes and I love it! Red and white stripes is like the more playful version of black and white stripes. Especially digging it with the floral! Man, is it crazy to say I only owe one striped top right now? I swear that number used to be approximately ten...

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