Cinema Style: King Kong

Monday, October 26, 2015

Being terrified and held aloft the world's tallest building by King Kong would earn Fay Wray the nickname Queen of Screams, as she starred in one of the most iconic Monster Movies of all time. Wray was the ingenue playing an ingenue in a movie within a movie -and what did that mean? Glamour- and lots of it. Her imagine is forever immortalized as within the grasp of the oversized gorilla, but just as immortal is the image of her wearing a sparkling dress. With draping, bell sleeves, this look can be just as glamorous updated for life in 2015. Bell sleeves fit with the new-millennium-does-the-70s trend that is hot now, so by merely bringing up the hemline, you've got a modern day frock. Adding ankle boots gives it another fresh twist, while a draping necklace and metal belt harken back to Wray's original Hollywood-starlet look.

Dress, boots, necklace, belt

To underscore Wray's ingenue status, she is costumed almost exclusively in white, telling us of her pure and kind nature that will, indeed, soothe the savage beast. Even a board the ship on their way to the ominously named "Skull Island," she is in a demure white dress that just flirts with having sex appeal by way of the slit in the neckline. As a nod to their tropical destination, her belt is a woven cloth. The dress and belt  together is a pairing that looks as timelessly good now as it did in 1933.  The cheeky coin purse is a tongue in cheek reference to Wray's "leading man," while the silver sandals are a perfect mix of understated and special. 


  1. Her look is so glamorous! I want to steal both of these looks :)

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  2. Ohmygosh, I could totally pull off that first outfit right now. Maybe that's a thing I'll have to do. :)

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    1. The first look with the bell sleeves is something that reminded me of you :D


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