Fall List

Monday, October 12, 2015

I've actually reached a point where I'm feeling somewhat happy with my wardrobe and might be holding off on buying much clothing, since there may be some upcoming changes to our lives. Still, these items have been in the back of my mind and with autumn here, I can dream, right? 

1) Brown Riding Boots-  These seem like such a staple to have in your wardrobe and, in my case, this purchase would be to replace the brown riding boots I currently own. They've more than done their time, and are showing clear wear that proves they were man-made material. Which is fine- but, well, five years is plenty of time, especially considering that with the amount of snow we get in the winter a shoe that covers one's feet and ankles is really a must.  

2) Plaid Midi Skirt- I've been dreaming about finding the perfect plaid midi skirt for several years now. While not an absolute necessity, there is something so timeless about plaid, isn't there? Especially as a midi skirt (let's not get into Clueless mini skirt territory here!)  I can't decide if brown and red tones are preferable over blue or green ones. Warmer tones are so quintessentially fall, but the cooler colors might transition quite nicely into the spring as well....  

3) Round Framed Glasses- I've had this thought to buy a second pair of glasses rattling about the back of my mind for a while now. Yes, glasses are not cheap, and  I still love my (literally, since they are my header) iconic black glasses; they wouldn't be going anywhere. But I wear glasses every single day. It might be nice to be able to change things up every so often. Between the more affordable option online eyewear stores provide, plus looking at this as a cost-per-wear scenario, and they seem like a good buy! 

4)  Smoking Slippers- I love ballet flats, so it is probably no surprise I love smoking slippers too. They are like ballet flat's cooler older sibling. They listen to music you've never hear of before, and talk about deep meaningful indie movies (oh, wait... that's my much cooler younger sister, not shoes...where was this metaphor going again?) At any rate, they give an unexpected twist and I never could resist a red shoe either... 

5) Brown Fisherman's Cable Knit Sweater- This has been on my list for years. The brown sweater shown above isn't even really quite what I want either. This sweater would be, like, the dictionary definition of timeless fashion. Not too oversized, but not too clingy (you know how sweaters can be) and with a really classic cable knit pattern. Also- no turtlenecks. Because, while they look good on Pinterest, no one wants to go through their day feeling like their garment is trying to strangle them to death. 

6) Brown Ankle Boots- Does it seem like I'm obsessed with shoes? It kind of feels like I am, which is too bad as it is the one thing I still find hard to buy online. I'll probably only actually buy EITHER brown riding boots or brown ankle boots, but I wore my black ankle boots almost every day last winter, so I'm sure brown ones would be in high rotation. Plus, there would be no worry that they'd blend in with black pants and make me look like I was wearing adult footie pajamas.... 

7) Black High Waist Cigarette Pants- I have a pair of low waisted ones for work, but there are still four more days to the workweek and winter is no time for skirts. So- the search is on. 


  1. Love the pieces on your list! Now, I'm going to look for some riding boots :)

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  2. I love this list! I would wear all of these in a heartbeat (the skirt and jersey especially catch my eye) and as a fellow glasses wearer, I totally understand your desire to shake things up a bit. I'm still trying to work up the nerve to wear my round glasses out in public (they're from zenni so they were very affordable, but still... my partner thinks they look weird). *sigh*


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  3. I've now added two pairs of brown booties to my closet this fall (ordered some from Target, then ordered an investment pair from Urban. Waiting for those in the mail.) I've been wearing mine daily! I would recommend it!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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  4. I like the subtle hint in the first paragraph.

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