Stationery Wishlist: Everything's Getting Kinda Spooky

Friday, October 9, 2015


1. Monster Postcards | 2. Anatomy of Love Print | 3. First Aid Kit | 4. Anatomy Cards | 5. Skull Container | 6. Comic Book Postcards 

1. Monster Postcards- Whether it is what lurks beneath the Loch Ness or it eats goats, these postcards are good for what scares ya. 

 2. Anatomy of Love Print- An adorable mash up of the romantic and the clinical come together in this art print. 

 3. First Aid Kit - For the those real-life encounters with blood, you can't go wrong with this first aid pouch in your desk. 

4. Anatomy Cards - Both the old-time-y-ness and the bodily graphics give these cards a bit of a spooky air, perfect for Halloween. 

5. Skull Container- Keep your tools on your (or rather someone else's) mind with this container. 

 6. Comic Book Postcards - While not scary, here's some others who love to dress up. To find out what is behind the mask, read the comic (and then send the postcard!) 


  1. The monster and comic book postcards are so fun!

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  2. That Anatomy of Love is adorable.


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  3. LOVE this. The monster postcards are adorable and not scary!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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  4. Happy Halloween!! Monster postcards are looking so funny. Halloween Themed wedding are also in trend and these postcards also can designed as Halloween wedding invitations.

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