What I Wore: Before We Run Out of Time

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


What I Wore: Top (Le Tote), Skirt (Pin Up Girl Clothing), Shoes (Gap; Similar), Bracelet (Popbasic)

It seems like this skirt was just featured on Never Fully Dressed, but with autumn finally starting to show in the temperatures, I figured I should really get one last wear in before the weather gets the memo about seasonal changes. Of course, I could keep on wearing it, but somehow fruit- oranges in particular- just seem so summery! Do you ever save certain prints or colors for certain seasons? 

I was really thrilled though to pair the skirt with this emerald green shirt; the skirt was always featured online with a green top, but that top was very... very much a vintage reproduction and, while gorgeous, sometimes I shy away from being too on the nose with a purely vintage or vintage-inspired look. Not really aiming to look as though I walked out of a history textbook. This cut seemed a bit more timeless, so as to avoid any confusion with time travelers (no matter how cool it would be take a trip via the TARDIS!)

Speaking of time- where has it gone? t is October already- actually, October's half gone too!- but finally, finally I am feeling as though my head is above water and I'm  mostly caught up. Which means... I'm just in time to be feeling behind again. We're heading to Montana for my best friend's baby shower over the weekend! She's the first of my close friends to have a child and I'm so thrilled for her and her husband. Trips generally leave me feeling behind once we get back, but with luck this week will be one of quiet preparation and I can hit the ground running the minute we return, no problem. What are your weekend plans? 


  1. No big weekend plans other than maybe taking in another vintage show.

    I love the top you're wearing with this! The green is gorgeous.

    I agree that fruits and citrus colours are best for summer and spring, although I have been known to wear them when I'm in the midst of a winter meltdown just to try to cheer myself up.


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    1. I always love your recaps of vintage shows, though :)

      And I like the idea of sometimes wearing flowery or fruity prints to cheer up the winter!

  2. The textured emerald top is lovely! Looks great paired with the skirt! <3

    - Anna


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    1. I always underestimate the power of an interesting texture in an outfit. It is what makes it a cool shirt though!

  3. Wonderful colors! Many hearts!

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  4. Love that skirt! Hope you have a great time at the baby shower :)

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  5. Hi!

    Firstly, the print on that skirt is so sweet. When I look at it, I feel like I've traveled to the warmest June day and I'm sitting beneath the apple tree, feeling free as one could be. I've always been a sucker for fruit prints, or anything that reminds me of summertime, the season I love most!

    I wish I could find a way to slow the clock down....It feels like time keeps traveling and unlike you, I'm not caught up... just yet!

    Have fun in Montana!

    <3 Amy

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