What I Wore: Casually

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Scarf1Collage What I Wore: Shirt (Le Tote), Jeans (Lucky Brand), Scarf (Gift), Necklace (Le Tote), Clutch (Popbasic) 

With the school year started up again, my work routine is now back in full swing. And even though I love my job, there is something so nice about coming home and slipping into more casual  threads- even if just for a few hours before hitting the hay- that helps make that transition from back to home life for me. Lately, after work or on weekends, you are fairly likely to find me in  this shirt from Le Tote (don't worry; you'll be hearing more about them next post!). A baseball tee just seems like a good way to transition from summer to fall, and for when the wind gets nippy there's my blanket scarf able to do double duty as scarf or shawl.

Do you have two different styles for work and play? Or is your wardrobe a one-style-fits-all-situations deal?


  1. I'm a tee and jeans gal at home. Too many pug hairs otherwise. When I go out though I'm always dressed up to some degree.

    Love the plaid scarf! It is perfect for this time of the year.


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  2. Such a casual looking outfit! Really perfect for throwing on for a more casual, laid back look! I wouldn't say wardrobe is a one style fits all, but I do tend to dress up for class and going out. Obviously I'll pull out something even dressier for a night out with the girls :)

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  3. I love seeing casual looks. I'm definitely a jeans girl on the weekends (assuming I leave the house - if not, it's pjs all the way!). :D


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  4. What a cute, casual look! I love the scarf. I've just started wearing mine :)

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  5. Oh that scarf is perfect. <3 It ties the whole outfit together!

    - Anna


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