What I Packed: For a Work Confrence

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm heading off to a conference this weekend and, just like everyone else when packing, wondered, "what do a I wear?" This answer actually gets answered a lot on blogs- if you are going to a bloggers' conference. Cool as that would be though, that's not my actual destination, though I'm just as stoked for the conference we are seeing- its the NAGC's annual conference. Its for my job though so- what do I wear?

One wants to be comfortable, and also professional- but that can be tricky to decide what that means for teachers anyway. Not quite business casual but definitely not real-world casual either... So- here is what I came up with for travel and two jam-packed days of learning.

1)  Layers. The conference is in Phoenix, which can get hot, and rooms with many people makes things even more toasty. But sometimes Aggressive Air-Conditioning happens, so- two outer layers and a light coat.
2) Different colors. Pro-tip: If you pack same type of  clothing item in the same color, it looks like you are re-wearing, instead of donning something new. Nothing wrong with wearing items more than once on a trip, but no one has space in their suitcase for redundant items.
3) I also made sure one was a skirt. This could (theoretically) be dressed up, if needed to do something special in the evening.
4) More casual clothes for travel and to change into "off-duty." 

What sort of things do you wear to work? Ever travelled to a conference?


  1. nice post!


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  2. I'm glad you added that pencil skirt in a pop of red. It adds so much to the capsule.

    I have travelled to conferences where I needed to be dressed very artistic, so I had a rather large suitcase and multiple changes of clothes. This was not a carry-on trip.


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  3. Ohd darn, no bloggers' conference? Heh, I'm actually about to pack for a workshop this upcoming week, so I'll need some similar items to this since it'll be much cooler than where I live.

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  4. Love the mix of casual and professional pieces!

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  5. Aggressive Air Conditioning is a perfect description. Definitely one of my least favorite things about the south.
    I love your red pencil skirt!

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