Month in Review: December 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wintery Outfits

Wintery Plans
Actually the word "plans" really might be a bit overly ambitious for this month, at least when it came to the holidays. We hosted Christmas eve at our house (how grown-up that sounds. What? I'm thirty and therefore a grown-up? Hush, you.), but New Year's eve will probably be like any other night. Since that means curled up reading, I can't complain, but, yeah, low-key. The rest of the month was a bit more bustling. At work, my students ended the semester with a bang- a lot of big, fun projects including to classes putting on productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream for the assisted living center and the Senior Center (A kid's version of the play. Not the original. Because my students are ten year olds.) They rocked it!

On the blog, we did a bit of a mini-overhaul, in that all my outfit photos were taken in a studio setting. After months of trying to fight wind and darkness, we thought to give it a whirl. Let me know what you think. Though we didn't do all of them, I also made some fun suggestions with December's Why Don't You... List, and our movie selections were definitely getting festive! I reviewed one of the many film versions of A Christmas Carol, and took some Cinema Style cues from White Christmas. We had a holiday themed stationery wishlist (I even bought the Nutcracker paper puppets!), plus celebrated with some holiday-themed links for you to enjoy.  Even our Dog-eared page was a bit festive with The Lion,  the Witch and the Wardrobe. I also shared 10 (More) Ways to Help at Christmas, but you should bookmark it and reread throughout the year, because most of these things are good to do the other 11 months too.  Something else to enjoy throughout the year? This month's Rec Five had five instragram accounts you should be following!

Wintery Finds

A black Hermione brings up interesting conversations about race and story-telling (here and here)

BB-8 is the cutest! 

The Boy certainly thinks so. How about you?

Violins of Hope

The "real" Mona Lisa?

The Scottish Play is coming to the big screen?! 

A moving,  new context for classical art

Anna's outfits are always so dreamy

A sunken bridge

The link between how we play with LEGOs, and creativity


  1. Gosh gosh, you're such an adult! ;) Hah, I kid. I'll be saying the same thing when I'm thirty (which is not old at all--why, I'll be there with you in less than eight years!).

    Looks like you had a productive start to your winter. Hopefully it will continue to be swell~!

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  2. Hey, thank you!! :-) Also BB-8 *is* the cutest and that bridge is really nifty.

    Your banana sweater is so cool. Happy 2016!

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  3. Hope your year is off to a great start! The debate over the Mona Lisa is fascinating :)

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  4. Hosting Christmas - LOL that's what I'd call Adulting - Advanced level (I'm only on Adulting level 1: Married). :D

    I LOVE the flannel outfit, btw. Would wear in an instant, seriously digging the jersey. :D


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    1. Haha! Yes, that's how I felt about it too, though really, it was only The Boy and my parents + soup (our tradition is to eat soup on Christmas Eve, the night we had people over).


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