Rec Five: Instragram Accounts You Should Be Following

Friday, December 18, 2015

New York Public Library- A mix of fun book puns, cool covers, even cool lion statues and old requests for information from the reference librarians, there is always something on this account to make you smile.

Barbie- I'm adult and Barbie is still one of the most fashionable females out there. Seriously though, this instragram account is part cheeky fun and part high fashion. Follow it!

Lily Stockman- I'm honestly not sure what this woman's job is- but she travels the world and records it in gorgeous photos and even when she's home, she's got one of the cutests, most photogenic dogs to keep her account updated with.

Craig Satterlee- Artistic photos your thing? This work goes from surreal and dream like to capturing the American Experience. Even cooler? All photos on the account are taken with an iPhone, not uploaded from other cameras or computers (full disclosure: Its my dad's account, who is an art photographer).

Me and Orla- This stay-at-home mom captures the moodiness and subdued colors of the English countryside as she chronicles her life with his small daughter. I'm not normally into Mommy Blogger accounts, but then, Me and Orla isn't really about that either. These photos always give me pause and remind me to slow down and process and enjoy life a bit more.


  1. I already follow two!
    I do t think I realized that your dad was taking those photos with his iPhone! Wow

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    1. Yeah, I was surprised when he told me that too. Mind you, he has a ton of good apps that help him get his signature looks and does have little lens for his iPhone (though those he doesn't use much...)

      What other one were you already following?


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