Stationery Wishlist: Wishing You The Merriest

Friday, December 4, 2015

1. Yuletide Carolers Advent Calendar | 2. Snowman Gift Tag | 3. Nutcracker Suite Puppet Theatre | 4. Seasons Greetings Card | 5. Joyeux Noel Card | 6. All is Calm Card | 7. Eat, Drink and Be Merry Pop-up Card | 8. Altar Piece Triptych Card | 9. Mistletoe Wrapping Paper

1. Yuletide Carolers Advent Calendar  - I love all advent calendars, but there's something so much more special and meaningful when you get beyond the piece-candy ones.  As you count down the days, using this calendar, each day is filled with delightful, 3-dimensional art pieces that add characters to a charming menagerie of Yuletide Carolers. 

2. Snowman Gift Tag - A gift tag can add almost as much to the presentation of a nicely wrapped gift as the bow or wrapping paper can. But you're sure to find a wintery friend with this snowman gift tag!

3. Nutcracker Suite Puppet Theatre - The Nutcracker Ballet and Christmas are indelibly mixed, but this playful paper puppet theatre makes the classic story a part of your holiday home in a way it never could have been before. Best of all? You actually are buying a PDF and printing them out yourself, so it is inexpensive and you can spend some time bonding with your friends and family to make the items too!

4. Seasons Greetings Card - Invoking the image immortalized in Good Old St. Nicholas, this Christmas card would be a joy for people to see in their mailboxes!

5. Joyeux Noel Card  - The Nutcracker blends charm, holiday feelings, and art together in a way I find nearly irresistible, so here's another piece inspired the famous tale and ballet. 

  6. All is Calm Card  - Admit it, you hummed the lines on the front of this card! Stylishly understated though it is, the real appeal of this card for me is the lyrics printed on it. Sometimes it can be hard to lose the heart of the season and this lyric totally reminds you of what the purpose of the holiday is. 

7. Eat, Drink and Be Merry Pop-up Card - The front of this cheeky card has a friendly host greeting those coming into her home for a meal. When you open it, a merry scene greets you!

8. Altar Piece Triptych Card  - Every side covered in reproductions of a Renaissance Altar piece shows Mary, Queen of Heaven with her young son, being adored by saints. Holy, serene and beautiful, this definitely captures the more solemn side of the season. 

9. Mistletoe Wrapping Paper- wrapping presents has always been a favorite holiday activity, combining art and a pleasant sense of anticipation, imagining the happy faces tearing all the painstakingly added paper off again. This gorgeous but understated print is sure to make your boxes under the tree even prettier!


  1. I always love this series, and what a fun time to share it! I'm really not sending out Christmas mail this year :/ but I do send out mail the rest of the year, so I suppose I don't feel too bad about it. I hope you are having a wonderful start to December!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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    1. Sadly, I don't think we're doing a Christmas Card either. I had a mentor for work, and she always sent a holiday letter at Valentine's instead of Christmas to catch people up on family news. She said it was a less of a time crunch and less high-pressure to do that at a different holiday, rather than try to fit it in with all the December things...

  2. The puppet theatre is darling!

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    1. I bought it since it is so simple and inexpensive. It is a PDF file you print for like, six or dollars.

  3. Amazing post!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

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