What I Wore: A New Outlook

Thursday, December 10, 2015


BlueskirtCollage What I Wore: Shirt (Le Tote), Skirt (J. Crew Factory), Shoes (Gap), Necklace (Old; Similar Here)

Finally! The first outfit post in over a month! And, you may have noticed it looks a bit different too. No, big beautiful Wyoming backgrounds. But, well, the wind never stops in Wyoming and even if it did, it is dark when I go to work and dark when I leave (anyone else beginning to feel like some Creature of the Night? Thank goodness Winter Solstice is around the corner...). Taking photos of outfits was nigh well impossible for this girl. I did actually very seriously consider not continuing to blog, but, well, I've been into journalling of one sort or another for years and its a darn hard habit to quit. Having documentation of past thoughts, reminders of good times- somehow that is very appealing to me.

So- a compromise. I convinced The Boy to set up a white backdrop in our basement. With this, I'm hoping to make outfit posts a regular occurrence again. Visiting locations for photos was one of our favorites, but I'm also rather excited that this white backdrop will mean sharing more work outfits with you. I typically shot outfits on the weekend, meaning my more professional side never got a chance to shine. This outfit though, was one I've worn to work several times. The pop of color just cheers up things, no matter if it is a Monday or a Friday, right? What type of things do you like to wear to work?


  1. You've got some brilliant lighting in your basement! These photos look professional quality!

    That blue of the skirt reminds me of the blue long velvet opera coat I just bought thrifting. Such a bold colour.

    I'm glad you're not giving up on blogging. I'd miss you!


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    1. Well, The Boy may have set up his professional lights (he is a photographer as part of his job).

      Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Love the new look! The white backdrop is a great idea :)

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  3. I really love this and this is something that I'd totally wear. It's simple, but chic. The blue skirt pops and the colorblock top adds interest without being distracting. You look great!

    - Anna


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  4. Yooooo! How wonderful is that?! A new backdrop for outfit pictures... that sounds very helpful and convenient if you can't get out due to weather problems. And also it's right there. That necklace is so fun!

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  5. Woo hoo! Awesome, the white background gives a fresh look to your blog! I especially love the necklace. I saw The Fashion Huntress wearing a big chain necklace recently too so now I'm convinced it's a trend (which I am obviously missing out on)! :D


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    1. The necklace was my grandmother's and she had it for years, so I am pretty convinced gold chains are pretty timeless. Thank you for the encouragement and the comment!

  6. Hooray! Glad you are continuing. Love the professional outfits.

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