What I Wore: Trying on a Different Self

Thursday, January 14, 2016

work outfit, leather leggings, popbasic,wishbone bracelet, pink tunic, What I Wore: Tunic (Le Tote), Waxed Pants (Popbasic); Wishbone Bracelet (Popbasic), Black Bracelet (Le Tote), Necklace (Popbasic)

I was never a tunic gal, but this pink one might be changing my mind... for a day, at least. But really, one thing I'd never have guessed about "renting" clothes, as you do with Le Tote, is how much more willing I am to try different things, whether it is a color or a cut or a style. Some things you know right away won't work (I'm looking at you boxy, modern looking top that makes me seem  five months pregnant). Other items, it takes time to figure out. Sometimes how an item looks in the mirror is really different to how it feels- and most importantly are the differences in how it makes ME feel about myself when wearing it in front of a mirror or "in action," so to speak. Its an old story: everything starts off all fine- and then you notice it riding up, or getting wrinkled, or - or you just feel not quite you. I've bought clothing in the past where that's happened, even from other subscription companies. The main difference between those companies and Le Tote being, that while you can try both companies' items on at home, Le Tote lets you wear them out and about in your everyday life. You really get a feel for the clothes. Anyway, I liked this tunic lending itself to a modern,  but still work-appropriate vibe. It was fun to try on a bit of a new persona as well, even if the tunic did ultimately get returned. Still, it is great how clothes can help you be a slightly different version of yourself, making you happier, or more confident


  1. I love this edgy look! Le Tote sounds so tempting... :)

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  2. Omfg those pants! Perfect minimalist outfit. <3

    - Anna


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