What I Wore: Winter Mountain Days

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

flannel shirt, mountain outfit, red lodge,hat, locket, flannel shirt, mountain outfit, red lodge,hat, locket, What I Wore: Shirt (J. Crew), Jeans (Lucky Brand), Boots (Lucky Brand), Locket (gift), Clutch (Le Tote), Hat (Nordstrom)

You know your wardrobe is on the right track when you can wear all your favorites and it just comes together in a perfect outfit. This is pretty much how I feel about this outfit right now. A lot of it is newer purchases, but all chosen very specifically to fill needs that my wardrobe hadn't been able to meet before or to replace items that had been worn out.Take a look at the evidence: This hat is pretty much on my head all the time when at home or out of doors. Who doesn't enjoy a pompom on a hat, after all? Brown leather boots can pair with things my black booties can't and with a low heel are ready for for any sort of adventure.  And this plaid shirt replaces a flannel one I'd had since before this blog began. Though it had served me well (see here), this new one, made of cotton, will be of even more use since I can wear it in warmer weather too.

All this put together and I had the Perfect outfit for a Winter Adventure. Thus prepared naturally, we went to Red Lodge, the place of skiing and All Things Wintery Wonderland. As it turns out, saying the mountain has twenty inches was really being generous though. The town was pretty dead as a result. We found a different sort of adventure that was even better though- the kind that involves food! An old high school classmate had recently opened up a cafe in town and, oh man oh man, is it ever good! Its The Wild Table for any readers in the area and it is a must-visit for sure!

For those of you who are getting or have gotten snow- stay safe and enjoy! 


  1. I much prefer eating to skiing! ; P

    This is a great quirky casual outfit. I can see it would be in high rotation.


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  2. What a cute hat, and I love the plaid shirt! Food is a good adventure :)

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  3. Those boots are perfect. <3 Love your hat, too!

    - Anna


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