Stationery Wishlist: My Funny Valentine

Friday, February 12, 2016


1.Knight Card | 2. Shakespeare Sonnets Book | 3. Paperclips | 4. Friend's Valentine Card | | 6. Amore Badge | 7. Quote Card | 8. Pink Tape Dispenser

1.Knight Card - Perfect for that White Knight in your life.

2. Shakespeare Sonnets Book -Life can't all be flowers and candle light, but hey, some poetry can be romantic. Why don't you let the Bard help you out? 

3. Paperclips - These red paperclips marry beauty and practicality. Are both of those things perfect for a Valentine gift. 

4. Friend's Valentine Card - Who says Valentines are only for lovers. Show your friends that you care. 

5. Pencils - What's to say you couldn't start up a little office romance with these pencils. 

6. Amore Badge - I love beautiful cards, but this one's shape makes it truly unique- and uniqueness, well, that's amore! 

 7. Quote Card - "There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people"- Vincent Van Gogh was an artist with words, as well it seems. I love how this makes a different yet still very romantic Valentine card. 

 8. Pink Tape Dispenser- Once again, this marries art and functionality so well, but for those things you use everyday, why not make sure it is a thing of beauty? 

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