What I Wore: All Black

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

black, leather, leggings, pearls pearl necklace, black sweater, leather leggings What I Wore: Sweater (ASOS), Shirt (Le Tote), Waxed Pants (Popbasic), Pearl Necklace (Boutique; Similar Here), Shoes (Loly in the Sky)

Anyone whose ever seen my Pinterest page would know I really dig monochrome, all-black looks. Yet, I rarely don them; they are trickier than they seem! I always seem to be ever so slightly mismatched with blacks from different dyes that next to each other look.... off. True blacks are rare and in the dark you can see that some have dyes with red bases, others with blue. 

 By trying to vary the texture of each piece, and breaking things up with a thin slice of grey, this outfit hopefully avoids some of the all-black outfit pitfalls of the past. 

What are your tips for pulling off a monochrome look? 


  1. I agree that texture is your friend when working with monochromatic looks.


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  2. I love colors and patterns, so I'm just now getting to wear I enjoy wearing monochrome looks. I think the key is a mix of textures, some statement jewelry, and a bright lip! This outfit is super cool- great pants!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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  3. I love this look! I rarely do monochromatic looks - I probably should try. I hadn't thought about how blacks don't necessarily match. Breaking it up with a bit of grey is very effective, and I really like the different textures! Great look!


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  4. Those pants, though! They look so good on you! I kinda need those pants. Hehe.

    - Anna


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  5. Same goes for me with monochromatic looks; it's all about different textures! You're really working the messy bob look, by the way!


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  6. Love the way you played with textures! I really like those pants :)

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  7. I love black so much... this is a nice way to do it! I sorta wanted those pants too, I remember seeing them in a pop basic email one Christmas.

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