Stationery Wishlist: Spring Fever

Friday, April 8, 2016

1. Floral Pencil Case | 2. Typewriter Post-Its | 3. Emma Block Print Cards | 4. You're a Peach Card | 5. Notepad | 6. Kate Spade Pens | 7. Mint Green File Holder

1. Floral Pencil Case - April showers bring May flowers, so they say. Put these in your purse, and go out to sketch some real flowers, this April!

2. Typewriter Post-Its - Typewriters always make me things of Meg Ryan and Tom Hannks in You've Got Mail. There is just something inherently springtime about that story!

3. Emma Block Print Cards - Don't these ladies look the epitome of airy springtime, strolling about with Paris with flowers and white dresses.

4. You're a Peach Card - Yum, right?

5. Notepad - This may be as close to a green thumb as I get. A fun way to bring the outdoors indoor.

6. Kate Spade Pens- A bit of riotous color at your desk can make it easier to stay indoors and at your work when the weather might beckon you instead.

 7. Mint Green File Holder- You can file it away:  finding pretty things to keep your work in can be hard, but this colorful holder might change that.


  1. The Typewriter Post-Its are awesome! You've Got Mail is such a good movie :)

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  2. I just ran out of cards for writing letters. I'm going to need more! I heard somewhere that it's Letter Writing Month, so this post is totally on point with that.

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  3. Aw, this post reminds me of my sister. Pretty stationary, cards (and wrapping paper) is her love language. I'm so not a letter-writer, but looking at these lovely options I might have to give it a try! The "You're a Peach" card is very sweet.

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  4. Stationery is so great. I wish I had more space to hoard all these cute things!

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