Dog Eared Page: Rose in Bloom

Monday, May 16, 2016

"Do you know she looks like you? Hair tied up in a knot, and a spiritual sort of face. Don't you see it?" asked Mac, turning the graceful little figure toward her.

"Not a bit of it. I wonder whom I shall resemble next! I've been compared to a Fra Angelico angel, Saint Agnes, and now 'Syke,' as Annabel once called her."

"You'd see what I mean, if you'd ever watched your own face when you were listening to music, talking earnestly, or much moved, then your soul gets into your eyes and you are like Psyche."

"Tell me the next time you see me in a 'soulful' state, and I'll look in the glass, for I'd like to see if it is becoming," said Rose merrily.

- Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott


  1. great post!

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  2. So lovely. And I love seeing the book cover to accompany it--I have a thing for illustrations and book covers like that.

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    1. It is odd- I vividly remembered this book having illustrations, but it was next to impossible to find any online. Luckily there's this. I think the style is kinda fun :)


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