In May, Why Don't You....

Monday, May 2, 2016

Admit the grey is coming in and dye your hair

Attend a MakerFaire

Pick out graduation gifts (maybe this book?)

Schedule your yearly (or quarterly, if you have a chronic disease) check up

Watch Star Wars in honor of May 4th!

Throw a Sundae Party and offer all the fixings

Uncover a treasure at a garage sale

Make photo book for your mother for Mothers' Day

Volunteer to read to residents in assisted living

Wade in a creek


  1. nice!

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  2. I actually need to schedule an appointment for my eyes so I can get new contacts... so that's a good reminder. Also grey hair is totally fantastic.

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    1. Oh models with dyed gray hair, yes... coming in willy-nilly not so much, but thanks!

      Ooooh! Eye doctor appointment! Good reminder to me to as that was not the type of doctor I'd been thinking of. Thanks!


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