Stationery Wishlist: Ciao, Italia!

Friday, May 6, 2016


1. Bon Voyage Notebook | 2. Swimming Birthday Card | 3. Botticelli's Venus Phone Case | 4. Pack This! Notepad | 5. Vintage Italian Poster Postcards | 6. Leaning Tower of Pisa Stamp | Passport mini-notebooks

March can feel very humbug and make me a bit stir crazy as the bad weather lingers on. So, I've been dreaming of travel and Italy is always a dream to go to. Gelato, pasta and great culture and people, what's not to love? 

1. Bon Voyage Notebook A perfect notebook to record all of your travel memories in as you drive under that Tuscan Sun. 

 2. Swimming Birthday Card  Oh, for the Italian Rivera!  If you get there first, save me a one of those lounging chairs. If neither of us make it to those golden coast though, we'll still get along swimmingly with this birthday card. 

 3. Botticelli's Venus Phone Case  Even if Italy isn't in the plans this year, one of Botticelli's (and Florence's) most famous works of art could still grace your phone. Now that's Amore! 

 4. Pack This! Notepad - How handy is this? I'm always bound to forget something without a list. What about you? Needing a list too? 

5. Vintage Italian Poster Postcards - All these postcards are based on vintage Italian posters and can be purchased for a song at the same site. All evoke the feelings I get every time I'm in bella Italia. 

 6. Leaning Tower of Pisa Stamp When I spent a summer teaching English in Italy, my host remarked to me that it was not just the leaning that made this landmark so special. She pointed out that it stands alone among a green space when much of Italian architecture is wall to wall with another building. And, while the Leaning Tower has made her stamp on history, you can can now make a stamp of it! 

 Passport mini-notebooks- I use these small, thin notepads All. The. Time. when traveling. Need to jot down directions, or want to write down the name of something you'd like to learn more about later? Write it on these unobtrusive pads.  If you are somewhere that doesn't speak your language, why not use these to write down the names of places you need to go or useful phrases. That way you can simply point to the words to tell that taxi driver where you need to go! 

P.S. Dreaming of Paris or other travels? Check out this stationery wishlist or these travel posts. 

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