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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Warm weather has (sort of) arrived! And with it.... several holes in my closet! Here's what I realized I was sorely missing for this season. What about you? 

1) Shirts- Where did all my short sleeved or sleeveless tops go? It is a mystery, but summer heat means I'll need something a bit lighter to keep cool. Luckily, I think polka dots and stripes are basics that still keep things interesting. 

2) Shorts- I live, live, live in shorts come summer time. My denim ones need replaced,  but a fun printed pair, like those shown above, maybe a fun way to mix things up too. I've found basics are good but something with a bit of pizzazz is often just as useful. 

3) Summer Dresses- Skirts have become my One True Love (Besides The Boy, that is!), but there is something infinitely easy about a good dress. To be fair, the seersucker number is actually a top and skirt, not a dress, but still. 

4) Shoes- summertime and shoes and I have an issue. I need two pairs that do two specific things. I need a pair of tennis shoes to kick it around in- ones that are actually comfortable! (I'm looking at you, converse shoes, you betrayer of feet, you!) Plus, I need some sandals that can slip on and off with ease. Since I'm diabetic, the doctors really want the feet protected. It is surprisingly hard to find summer shoes with closed toes, but this pair is adorable, right? 

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  1. I love that striped dress from ModCloth! It's on my wish list :)

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