"Out of this World" Baby Shower

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A few weeks ago, my mother and sister threw the most out of this world baby shower for Baby and me. No, seriously- Out of This World was the theme! Since Baby Boy's nursery theme is a "A Trip to the Moon," there was a whole tour of the galaxy at this party.

We met up at this very cool local place, Gestalt Studios. It is a repurposed power plant that now serves as an art studio/art supply store/coffee house. This may seem like it wears a lot of hats, but it proves true the adage  that something can be "more than the sum of its parts." In reality what it becomes is this place where artists and makers mingle to chat, and create. The spirit of camaraderie was certainly present and welcoming on this snowy day anyway!

I think the atmosphere would have been joyous no matter where the shower was held through. So many of my nearest and dearest friends were present. For those who were unable to make it- know you were missed! With poor traveling conditions though, we were just grateful everyone stayed safe and those that did come braved the foul temperatures! In addition to my mother and sister (soon to Grandma and Aunt!), my mother-in-law was able to be there (Thank you for all the photos Grandma Gwen!). Also present were many women who had watch me grow up and whose advice and guidence at different times helped shape me. Then, there were not one, not two, not three but FIVE of us who had been friends since almost before we could recall. Having some of my oldest friends there to celebrate this little boy's arrival was so special. I can only hope he gains  friends as dear to him. (Note: I didn't post a photo of everyone because not all are comfortable with having photos shared so publicly, but we all had a good time!)

Instead of the typical (and honestly, sometimes strange) baby shower games most such celebrations are built around, Danyon came up with a really cool alternative. The art studio provided 12 half-circle books, one for each guest. The idea was each would decorate the cover with a planet or other celestial object. I could put them in a box and use one a month to record the baby's progress! He would have a truly unique, handmade baby journal. The mini-journals  are without lines, perfect to make into art journals and paste in pictures, hand prints and more. Though some of us were a bit hesitant to show off our art skills, I was really impressed with everyone's end result. Just goes to show that all have a point of view that can come through in open ended art projects like this!
We also opened the gifts everyone so generously gave (this kid is going to be an Instagram rockstar because I will seriously not be able to resist showing off all his adorable outfits!) and I got advice from all the veteran moms in the room. Most of which revolved around bodily fluids, but, let's face it, that topic encompasses a surprisingly large percentage of a kid's life, even far beyond babyhood! 

Danyon also provided delicious treats, and my friend, Ginger, made this gorgeous cake. How fun is that?! (You can see another cake she made here too!) As the guests departed, they were encouraged to take hand-decorated star mugs, filled with several different beverage items like hot cider or cocoa powder to keep everyone toasty warm! 
Some  of my favorite moments included Shannon seeing my belly for the first time (We last met in person when I was only 9 weeks along!); Danyon feeling the baby kick; and all of these ladies just generally being gorgeous and photogenic! 

P.S. See other times Shannon, Ginger and Danyon have been on the blog! 


  1. What a unique fun idea for a baby shower!


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  2. What an adorable theme! Love the cake :)

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  3. OMG, this is super cute!!! Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun! <3 - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

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