What I Wore: A Week in Maternity

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

One thing I regret about this pregnancy was not getting more maternity clothing shots or belly pictures. Its a little eleventh hour, as I'm now eight and half months pregnant, but I did recently share a week of maternity outfits on Instagram and thought you might like them all gathered in one place here too.

Its the same basic formula repeated, to be honest. In part because it is winter and it is COLD, but also because this is what is easy and comfortable.

Sweater + Leggings + boots (usually) + 1 piece of jewelry

When I got sick of maternity clothing and how they fit, another trick I tried was ordering up in size. This can be tricky, as getting an item big enough to fit a pregnant belly change also the fit of the shoulders or the length. This grey sweater and the pink one below were two such tests for that, both from the brand BT, which is sold at Nordstrom. The grey one is my absolute favorite (you'll notice it is the only top that is repeated here). The pink one is honestly a bit too big and pills like nothing else. Seriously- it sheds worse than either of our dogs- but it is the most comfortable thing I own, so it gets worn around around the house a lot.  

Two of my three favorite maternity items ended up being leggings. I'd earlier resisted anything from HATCH Maternity due to expense, despite a lot of bloggers' advice to "splurge" on one or two items from their. Well, I'll be over here eating my words because it was more than totally worth it to get their "Night Out Leggings." They feature leather front panels, and are an "under the belly" item. There are advantages to under and over the belly both, but it was nice to have the option, especially since my back aches tended to settle higher up, right where the over-the-belly panels hit. Based on number of wears, I've more than got my money's worth from these and only wished I'd gotten them sooner. Best of all? They are designed to work post-pregnancy too! 

My other favorite are these velvet leggings. Technically, they are not mine; they are Le Tote's. Regardless, they are So. Comfy. So,so,so comfy. Which, you may be noticing, is the most important thing to a woman in her third trimester. Plus, like the Night Out leggings, their texture brings something unique to an outfit, even though they are just black. (At the very least, it elevates things from my grade-school self's sense of style, which also relied entirely on black leggings). 

I earlier posted about creating a maternity wardrobe capsule, and I think every pregnant lady has to do this, by necessity, to a certain extent. Yet very few of the outfits seen here have items from that capsule (that is because of my changing size, fyi).  Both the one above and the one below do though. Variations of both of these were practically part of rotation of work uniforms. I always like to have at least one set of pants that are't black but are appropriate for work. That was surprisingly hard to find, but this pair still make me happy every time I slip them on. Above,  is my Popbasic shirt. It is actually one of the very few items from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that is not pack away in storage. It was a bit large on me originally, but really it is the stretchy material that allowed me to wear the shirt all the way to 37 weeks (it is retired for these last two as I've finally outgrown it). Still, stripes are surprisingly flattering for everyone at every shape.

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