101 Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Since I know that postpartum depression and the "baby blues" can be a thing (as can just plain old winter blues), I wanted to create a post of 101 happy thoughts. These are just little things, mostly, the can bring a smile to my face or lift me up. What would you add to this list? 
  1. Songs from our wedding day
  2. inspiring Bible verses and reflections
  3. a warm puppy on my lap
  4. Instagram
  5. Christmas Music
  6. massages
  7. Updates on favorite podcasts
  8. Children's books
  9. playing card games
  10. The theme song from Tintin
  11. Pictures of fox terriers
  12. Scottish tea
  13. Towels fresh from the dryer
  14. finishing a crossword puzzle
  15. Old movies
  16. A hot shower
  17. breakfast food
  18. wearing favorite clothes
  19. fresh flowers
  20. forehead kisses
  21. rereading favorite books
  22. festivals 
  23. farmers' markets
  24. going dancing
  25. a hug (or several)
  26. getting a manicure
  27. Stories with female protagonists
  28. laughter
  29. Shakespeare plays
  30. my husband
  31. The Nutcracker
  32. Chunky knit sweaters
  33. (brown paper) packages (tied up with string)
  34. My father's photography
  35. lyrics from 1920s Jazz (so punny!)
  36. mazes
  37. doodling
  38. baseball
  39.  baths with bath salts
  40. croissants
  41. Disney
  42. Going to a zoo
  43. Golden nail polish
  44. Vienna Secession artwork
  45. snapchats from my sister
  46. phone calls from my friends
  47. letters in the mail
  48. Julie Andrews singing
  49. When robot programming you made works as it should
  50. Remember WENN
  51. My dad
  52. a favorite author coming out with a new book
  53. listening to Turnadot or The Magic Flute
  54. documentaries about history
  55. Anything "Ozzy"
  56. My grandmother's china cabinet and all we have on display there
  57. checking things off on a to-list
  58. Pretty stationery or cards
  59. brownies
  60. Surfing the internet
  61. Visiting art museums
  62. Picnics in the mountains
  63. Board Games, especially Clue
  64. Hard Wood Floors
  65. Libraries
  66. fall leaves
  67. black and white stripes or polka dots
  68. Watching the 4th of July Parade
  69. Thin Mint Cookies (and the continued existence of the Girl Scouts)
  70. Eating Out
  71. Sleeping in
  72. Hanging out with my mom
  73. house blankets
  74. Casablanca
  75. Surfing the internet
  76. You've Got Mail (both the movie and the director's commentary)
  77. Lavender-scented anything
  78. The song "Hello Dolly"
  79. Carol Channing
  80. Walking our dogs
  81. Chalkboard art
  82. Sushi Rolls
  83. Tea Lattes (Or, even better, places that call them London Fogs)
  84. Rick Steve's Travels in Europe
  85. Alternative history speculation
  86. Fresh white sheets and linen on the bed
  87. A cold glass of milk
  88. emails from friends
  89. postcards from far away places
  90. travel memoirs
  91. good A1C1 results (diabetic tests)
  92.  Reading other people's blogs
  93. Comic books- both reading them but also the art form/industry's history
  94. Travelling
  95. makerspaces
  96. Beautiful maps
  97. family photos
  98. My husband sharing something new he's read or learned at breakfasts together
  99. Pizza
  100. Alice in Wonderland related things
  101.  Inside jokes


  1. I absolutely love this post!! What a great idea! I didn't suffer from post partum depression after my daughter was born, but I still had some low days. I guess you don't have to be a new mom to benefit from this list.
    I think you pretty much covered everything... for me a picnic in the park on a day with a crisp breeze and sunshine would be my happy thought.
    Thank you for sharing this idea and best wishes to your journey into motherhood! :)

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    1. Hi Reshma,

      Sorry I took so long to replay; I only knew about this comment today! Yes, I haven't (so far) suffered from PPD, but low days still happen. And YES sunshine makes SUCH a difference to my mood.

      Thank you for the well wishes!

  2. Ah ha Julie Andrews singing These are a few, I mean 101 of my favorite things! Yes think happy thoughts. Seems in todays political climate we need all the help we can get.

    Allie of

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    1. Yes, the politics is another good reason to focus on what we are grateful/happy for!

  3. What a sweet list! Clue is my favorite board game. I like to play it while watching the movie :)

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    1. I love the idea of watching Clue and playing it. As a kid, I loved these really cheesy five-minute mystery short stories that starred the characters from the board game. I shared them with my students and they are all obsessed with Clue now...


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