Rec Five: Things to put in your car for winter

Friday, February 24, 2017

1) Collapsible Shovel- Be able to dig yourself out of snow embankments if the worst happens.

2) Kitty Litter- it can absorb snow, which is  also helpful if you get stuck in the snow. Plus, putting it in the back of your vehicle means it is added weight, making you less likely to fishtail on icy roads.

3) Ice scraper- Parked outside? Warming up your car can melt frost, but there's not always time! Be safe and scrape off your wind shield fully. I had a friend run over when someone didn't properly clear their windshield.

4) Blankets and/or winter coats- You never know when you might need extra warmth- what if the heater goes out?

5) Plastic bags- If you have to park outside overnight, tie a plastic bag around your side mirrors. It will keep the frost and snow off. Don't forget to lift your wipers off the windshield too; keep them from freezing to the glass as that can damage the wiper.


  1. Practical tips! I had no idea about the kitty litter!

    Lucky for me I park in a garage.


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  2. Yes to all of these! Kitty litter can be a huge help in the snow :)

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  3. I never knew that thing about kitty litter! But this list is very helpful! I was on my way home from another state and my friend wasn't paying attention to her gas gauge and we ran out of gas on the highway in feb at like three in the morning. Thank God we had blankets or we might've frozen to death!

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  4. Mandy wrote me a long list for my Christmas drive- I never heard about kitty litter or plastic bags though! She also suggested battery pack phone chargers, heating hand warmers, water bottles and snacks.

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