Spring 2017 Wishlist

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1. White Shirt | 2. Blue shirt  | 3. Blue Striped Button up | 4. Slim-Legged Trousers | 5. Grey Jeans | 6. Reversible Sweatshirt | 7. Draped Sweater  | 8. Nursing Top | 9. Striped Dress |

1. White Shirt - White button-ups are so classic and versatile. I love them, but... they don't always love me. Life gets messy. That's why I was so super-pumped to see the clothing service Elizabeth and Clarke had developed an Unstainable collection. I've literally seen people pour coffee and wine it not stick to the cloth. Sign me up. The only question is, do I get a traditional button-up, or this lovely collarless number.

 2. Blue shirt  - Also from Elizabeth and Clarke. Also unsustainable. It is part of their spring 2017 collection, which is no longer being sold. BUT in their FAQs they said you could email about clothes from past collections and they will check their inventory. If they have your size, you can buy it! I feel like this shirt is what you wear whilst strolling through the Tuileries Jardins on your way to look at art in the Louvre... but it will look good in my classroom too!

3. Blue Striped Button up - Has anyone else noticed the sudden omnipresence of blue striped button-ups? Why isn't this one all those "trend" lists as it is in every store? I mean, a blue striped button-up is obviously a classic, something that, as my dad puts it, never goes out of style. Still, it used to be much harder to find in store. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, here is not one but TWO versions I love. Which do you like better?

 4. Slim-Legged Trousers - Are you sensing a stripe theme yet? If asked my favorite color, I think I'd have to say "striped." Which is why those trousers are so, SO me. However, I also need to update my black trousers. My current ones (both maternity and non-maternity) have served me well, but I wear black trousers at least once a week. They get worn out. My pocket book says "either/or" but my heart says "both."

5. Grey Jeans - I got grey jeans when pregnant and loved them so much, I want a pair for my "regular" body too! Nuff said!

6. Reversible Sweatshirt - Okay, okay. I don't really need another striped top, but this would be perfect to wear on those days that aren't quite warm but aren't really wintery either (in other words every single day from now until till June in Wyoming), and it would be even more perfect to wear up in the mountains. Plus- it is reversible. There's something about the words "reversible clothing" that is a siren's call....

7. Draped Sweater - I'm nursing and I get cold. This seems like the perfect answer.

 8. Nursing Top - I though stylish maternity clothing was hard to find. Try something you can easily nurse in. Luckily this top seems rather chic, and like you could wear it even once nursing is done (as far off as that seems!)

 9. Striped Dress - I got a blue striped dress waaaaay back many moons ago when I was getting ready to go to Prague to teach English. I splurged on a new wardrobe before going, after hearing clothing was more expensive in the Czech Republic. Looking back, it was really my first foray into having a stylish and "me" wardrobe. My favorite item was a blue striped dress. I still have it, but, well, it might be hanging together by a thread. THis dress would seem me through spring and summer- AND is nursing friendly too. Win-win-win!

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