Cinema Style: Designing Woman

Friday, March 17, 2017

Designing Woman may be a repackaged version of Woman of the Year... but the plot is besides the point. It is really a film all about the clothes, something Gregory Peck's character comes to understand when the wife he's known all of three days discards her casual wear for, well, this ensemble. As the film's costume designer put it, Lauren Becall had a body made to wear clothes, and that is put to advantage in a number of pencil skirted dresses. A conservative neckline keeps things classy, and the accessories do the rest. Pearl earrings, mink stole and a structured bag complete the look.  You have to pretty confident in your style to pull off red-on-red monochromatic look like Becall does here. With confidence as the main accessory, everything else is kept pretty minimal with only a subtle watch added to the ensemble. The focus in on the color. Another wiggle dress is seen, and a swing coat with three quarter sleeves adds enough drama on its own. 

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