Motherhood Musings: Breastfeeding Basket

Monday, March 20, 2017

I was not a breastfed baby.  So, despite the omnipresence of breastfeeding on any pregnancy forum, it was also not something I had strongly considered.... until my husband brought up that he felt it was important to breastfeed a baby. Please note:this is a hot-button topic to many, but each person has their own reasons for caring for their child as they do, so please refrain from negative commentary on people's choices). Oh, the debates that were had! Questions of health benefits, bonding experiences for both parents, convenience, money, and time all were rehashed. Doctors reassured me that either choice was a good choice- bottle or breastfed, what was important was that the baby was fed. Still, for a variety of reasons, I did in the end, choose to breastfeed. And by the end, I mean, we'd come to that decision only the last three weeks of the pregnancy. Not exactly a plethora of time to read up and find out the right way to do anything. Luckily, I and Ellis took to things easily enough.

Now, as my maternity leave draws to a close at the end of this month, we are switching to bottle and formula (once again, for a variety of reasons unique to our situations, so no commentary on that, please). We can only hope he takes to it as easily.  But before then, I wanted to share with you one tool I found particularly helpful: The breastfeeding basket.

1. Board Books | 2. Diabetic Supplies | 3. Nursing Pads | 4. Notebook | 5. Kleenex | 6. Lotion and Chapstick | 7. Nose bulb | 8. Drink | 9. Extra Burp Cloth. 

1. Board Books - It is never too early to start reading to your child. At this stage though, they can't see much, so don't get too hung up on things. We use about three books in regular rotation. All are simple with high contrast pictures to make it easier for the baby to see. 

2. Diabetic Supplies - Breastfeeding helps me regulate my blood sugar levels, but, since breastfeeding also takes a lot of energy, it is important to have my diabetic supplies close at hand to check on things and react, if needed. 

3. Nursing Pads - Your body is amazing. It is also a bit gross and things can leak. These can help keep your clothes looking great. 

4. Notebook - This can help you remember all those little things, like recording when your baby slept, or sweet moments, like when the baby first smiled. 

5. Kleenex - Your immune system is lower right after giving birth. Be prepared. 

6. Lotion and Chapstick - It is easy to become dehydrated breastfeeding, which can lead to dry skin. Stay ahead of the game here. 

7. Nose bulb - It could be used to clean out baby noses, but we used to to help suck out spit-up. Use for one or the other. Not both because- ew. 

8. Drink - As we said, it is easy to become dehydrated breastfeeding. This nifty straw and cup came from the hospital. It is nicer than a sports bottle because I don't have to lift it up and yet it doesn't spill. 

9. Extra Burp Cloth- babies spit up. Have an extra on hand, so you don't ruin your clothes. 

Not pictured but still important: 

Snacks- I had both a low-carb snack and a snack I could eat if I was becoming hypoglycemic. Breastfeeding takes a lot of energy and quickly changing blood sugar levels are possible. Even if you are not diabetic though, it is good to have snacks as you need to replenish your own energy levels. 

Wallet and Phone- A phone provides communication and entertainment. Especially in the early days, you maybe physically be up to moving around much, so having the world at your finger tips is helpful. Likewise, your wallet has mony, credit cards and your health insurance card. As you get all the paperwork for your baby finished (like, say, ordering birth certificates!), you want these in easy reach. 


  1. I had a similar kit next to my bed for breastfeeding and the one thing I really couldn't do without especially in the early days was the Honest Company's Nipple Cream - a total life saver!

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    1. My sister got me some of that cream- a life saver for sure!

  2. The breastfeeding basket is a great idea!

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