April 2017 in Review

Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring on the Blog

Spring has most definitely sprung! On the blog, we suggested some ways to celebrate that with this month's suggestions of "Why Don't You...?" and a trip to hear The Wind in the Willows with our Dog-Eared Page. We celebrated Easter with some ideas for what to put in a baby's Easter Basket (p.s. See our very own Easter Bunny on my Instagram Page!). Speaking of babies, I got personal in sharing what it was like to have diabetes while pregnant and about our son's third month alive! If you wanted to know more about me, you could also see what was in my purse. We also got a bit hospitable and discussed what to do when guests arrive, and shared a great film to watch.

Spring Finds

Newest podcast I'm obsessed with? Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History

A daring new idea for a building

Knitters: Help premie babies improve their health with this!

Brilliant tips on spring cleaning (and recycling. Everyday can be Earth Day!)

Dressing like an Adult (The article linked is more layered than the headline implies, but it was the thoughtful comment section that really interested me!)

A favorite activity just got even better 

Vintage Girls (in a Modern World)

The most accurate map you've ever seen

 Growing you #girlgang (aka Making adult friendships)

 Planet Money and Fresh Air both take on the tax season

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