Motherhood Musings: Easter Basket for a Baby

Monday, April 3, 2017

1. Books | 2. Clothes | 3.  Bunnies  | 4. Blocks

It's our baby's first Easter! Truthfully, Ellis wouldn't know or care whether he got a basket from the Easter Bunny or not, but it feels fun for our growing family to build these traditions just the same. Since very young babies (Ellis will be close to 3 months by Easter), are limited in what they can play with, I chose to pick less items, even if they cost a bit more. Books, clothes and useful toys were the order of the day! 

1. Books - Pat the Bunny is a delightful classic and perfect for even very young babies. The book is touch-and-feel, so it helps babies learn by activating their senses.  The simple illustrations make it easier for newborn eyes to be able to focus on the pictures. Guess How Much I Love You is another classic book. It has more sophisticated illustrations, but it has a nicely predicative set of words that will engage young children. 

2. Clothes- An adorable bunny ear hat and diaper cover may not be the most practical of items, but babies are this small for such a short amount of time! Use these as costumes for a photo you'll love forever. If you want more practical options, why not get an Outfit for Easter Sunday at Church, like this smart faux-vest outfit? A third choice is  a onesie, something you would probably get the most use out of. This one with Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit gives a fun nod to the holiday whilst still being something you can wear in the months ahead (till that next growth spurt, anyway!) 

3.  Bunnies - A stuffed bunny in an Easter Basket seems like a must, doesn't it? Yet, babies in their first year don't actually play much with toys, so are they worth getting? Though these two options are slightly pricier than a stuffy you might find in the Target dollar section, I'd contend they are worth it! The Wobble Bunny is great for kids in their third month on, as they beginning to develop the motor skills to grasp things and to reach for things. Even younger babies might enjoy the sensation of pushing the Wobble Bunny as they experiment with moving arms and legs.  This Blanket Bunny is another useful toy with fabrics of different texture and knots and "tags." These all have different sensations as baby touches. Plus it is easy to clear and you could even use it as a burp cloth if you needed (hey- no judgement. Sometimes things happen!)

4. Blocks- Peter Rabbit wooden blocks. Okay, my 3 mo. old won't be playing with these on this own anytime soon, but they make great decor in the meantime. The illustrations from classic literature also reinforces the importance of literacy. Being in a "literature rich" environment is key to kid's oral and written language development. You could probably make these with some decoupage, but if you don't have the time or inclination, why not purchase them at Etsy? 

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