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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Who doesn't love the voyeuristic pleasure of peeking into another person's life (we all read blogs here, after all?) For a woman, it seems to me, one of the best ways to see her day to day life is to look into her purse. So, I'm starting a new series that allows us to get to know different women through their purses. 
For my own, I'm pretty minimalistic and actually want to buy a different purse that can house a bit more. So comment below with what purses you recommend or what yours holds!

1) Pen and mini-notebook- for those moments you need to jot down a number, or directions or a really good quote, amrite? Plus, this pen has my glasses on the side!

2) Diabetic supplies- the two black pouches are my glucose monitor and my insulin pens. And, yes, the black is the most fashionable these carriers come. I literally never am without these.

3) Lip gloss- Although, I don't actually wear it very often? I need to become a real grown-up and learn to wear make-up better.

4) My wallet- I love the bright color and its real Roman leather from a trip there. The nostalgia factor is strong, but, like my purse, this probably needs to retire

5) The purse- I love clutches because they fit the diabetic supplies but don't feel huge.Plus, this one is very tongue-in-cheek with a Hello/Goodbye embossed on it. However, managing a baby and having this dangling from y wrist is less than ideal. Share your purse shopping ideas with me, please!

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