Mother's Day Gift Guide

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

1. Clothes | 2. Books | 3. Glasses | 4. Photo Printer | 5. Phone Case

We are keeping Mother's Day pretty lowkey. With a tiny person, lowkey holidays just seem a given. However, a gift can help a new mama feel appreciated (or a Mom who has put in years of love and care, for that matter!) 

1. Clothes - A new mom may be feeling self-concious about her new, post-baby body. Give her something that makes her feel great. This skirt isn't currently in stock- but is coming back to sale soon! 

2. Books - Motherhood means time is at a premium. Along with a great book, give the gift of time and let her read it while taking a nice, long bath. 

3. Glasses - Okay, this is purely practical. But I need new glasses. 

4. Photo Printer - For all the photos you take of your kids! 

5. Phone Case- to protect the thing taking all the photos of your kids ;) 

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