What I Wore: Of My Own Design

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Disclosure: This a a sponsored post; the product was provided to me. All opinions expressed within are my own. 

Seeing this dress on the company, eShatki's, website, it just seemed to sing to me, "This is you, Kristian. Yoooou!" And it is a dress that seems to have all the things I love: the shape, the colors and, oh, the stripes. Still, the great thing about eShakti is, no matter how "you" a dress is.... it can always become just a bit more "you."

How? eShakti says they are committed to providing affordable fashion that looks good on real women. They do that by providing a large variety of sizing options- and by allowing you to customize. Each garment is made after you order it,  to accommodate sizing and customization options. While they do provide standard sizes 0-36W, you also have the option of giving the company your exact measurements. This is perfect because not everyone is a standard size. Additionally, you can also customize the garments you are purchasing. Change a sleeve style, add some length to the skirt or make it short, alter a neckline.... there's a whole variety of options open to you.

This is actually my second eShatki dress (see more here and here), but the first one I loved just as it was, so didn't change anything. This time, I was itching to try some of the alternative options. It was exciting getting the dress too. I felt like I was getting a dress of my very own design! In reality, I only changed the sleeves, neckline and skirt length, but it was so fun to see the finished product and know it was made just for me. Everything fit perfectly too. I'm gonna be honest. Part of me is already dreaming about customizing my next dress from these people.  so that it can be made exactly to your measurements

I've been more aware of company's ethical practices and trying to use the power of my dollar for good.  if you've also been wanting to shop more thoughtfully, here's a bit more about this company: It affords its cheap prices by not having stores; instead they sell directly to customers through their website. While the costumer service and design offices are both in the United States, the factories are overseas. The company abides by all laws about working conditions and labor wages, and more. They impose their own minimum age requirements for workers (they must be eighteen or older). They provide almost double the nation's minimum wage and provide ongoing professional development and ensure safe and kind working conditions. For me, the transparency of their working practices regarding these issues really goes a long way towards my respect for its company. Not only do they want to make women or all shapes and sizes have fashionable clothes, they want to do it in a responsible manner! Find out more about the company at their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

P.S. More striped dresses can be found here, here, here, and here! 

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